Greeting Card Invitation

    You can save a lot of money by making your own invitations instead of buying ready-made invitations. Why? If you’re looking for Greeting Card Invitation Idea, here we have several stunning designs that might be your favorite. Make invitations with a touch of color, fonts, words and graphics to your liking. Start by going to the website, to choose a template for ordering invitations.Then choose the location of the invitation card by adjusting the font style, color and graphics. Match the colors and images in accordance with the theme of your party.

    Greeting Card Invitation Greeting Card Invitation

    Make a choice between the invitation is to use computer software or make your own hands. So, we choose the colors and themes that are common and with very standard content.  We made this invitation card design very simple but still looks interesting to look at. We also adding the extra space on this invitation card for birthday quote if you want to add it to this invitation card. Not only birthday quote, but you can enter the guest name on this invitation. Just make it by yourself and by your style.

    Greeting Card Invitation

    Hope this GREETING INVITATION CARD DESIGN IDEAScan inspire you in making your own invitation card. Keep your money in your piggy bank and start making it easy and free! Leave a comment below


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