Hello there! This time we will tell you how to make your own birthday invitation like the Invteria template. Not only a tutorial, we will also upload 4 designs of our FREE PRINTABLE CREATE A BIRTHDAY INVITATION templates. In order to run easier, we will carry the Cartoon theme. All you need to prepare is: Computer / Laptop with Internet. Ready?

The first step. Open the google image and look for large cartoon images so that the images on your invitation background are not blurry or cracked. Then drag the image to Photoshop. But before, make a new document in Photoshop and specify the size of your invitation in the initial settings. After the picture has entered your document, fit your picture with a blank space on your document. After that, go back to google image to find the border to write down your details. Starting from circles, squares, spirals, hexagons, choose the border shape you want. Drag it to your document in Photoshop and edit it first using the Magic Wand Tool (this will help you too when you want to add other decorations to your invitation).

It really saves your time. Beside, this software is able to add photos in the invitation card. After you finish editing, save and print it. This is the easiest and most affordable way for you. Spill your creativity when creating your own invitations.¬†Hopefully our webpage can inspire you in making a birthday invite. And, of course, very useful for you.¬†Leave a comment for us and share your experience in making your own invitation. Don’t be afraid to try something new. We are sure, you will be used to making and this step can save you money and time.


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