Let’s download our FREE KARATE BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS IDEA template. These theme is not only limited for boys, but also is coming for girls as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a delightful day for your lovely child. At first, you can begin with making creative karate invitations. We uploaded the latest 4 design templates for you all. Choose the ones you like best and match your style. It is very easy to print and is very easy for you to edit as you wish. Let’s take a look by scrolling down this page!

Here are so many ideas to make karate design invitations. One of them is firstly you can make a gi shaped invitations. Gi is a martial arts uniform shirt. To make this easy you can search gi image with a proper size for invitation. Then print it out and use it as your guide to make a gi pattern in a heavy cardstock. After the pattern goes well, you can cut it out following the shape. It can be nicer to give a black ribbon in the waist part and stick it with a glue stick. Next, write down the invitation wording and the detailed information above the black ribbon using red and black pens. Finally the invitations are ready on envelopes.

These invitation measures 5×7″ and we give you the best quality image in HD. You can see there is a blank space in the center. There, you have to write down the party details such as the date, time and location. Add your RSVP amount as just how for the visitor to verify their attendance. To get these KARATE BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS IDEA for FREE, you just need to click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. If you have completely finished editing your birthday invitation, then print it with a textured and good-quality paper. Share your joy and have a great party! Watchaaa!


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