FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS WORDING IDEA is out now! Let’s download our template for FREE and get your birthday party wording idea here, one and only, on Invteria. Take a look our #WordingTips now!

“Cake and food

so appetizing and sweet

Oh, we’re having a party

so you’re invited for a treat!

Games, party hats, and balloons

will make your day fun,

so we want you here when the party’s begun!”


“A birthday party is waiting for you

and Funky the Clown will be there too!

Flowers have sprung, and birds are all chirping!

We’re holding a party, we hope you are coming!”


“Blow the horn!

Beat the drum!

It’s not a party,

Until you come!”

We also provide 4 Ice-cream-themed invitation templates that can be used by anyone and anytime. All of the template has HD quality image, so you don’t need to worry of getting a blurred image. The design is very unique and have a good match. We choose the the image and make it harmonious color with it. Everyone who sees it will fall in love looking at the template. Share your joy of having birthday with many people! The design is special and not be found in other websites. These invitation measures 5×7″ with HD quality image. In the center, there is a blank space to be filled with the party details such as the date, time and location. You may also add RSVP number as the way for the guest to confirm their attendance. Don’t forget to decorate the room to enliven the party for the guest based on your themed.

To get the FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS WORDING IDEA, you need to click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Put the file on your folder and it is ready to be customized. If you are able to operate Photoshop, your editing will be easier. Leave a comment and we hope our invite template design can be useful and inspire you, fellas!


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