Celebrate a 70th birthday can be so special started from the invitation. Creating 70th Birthday invitation isn’t that hard. We are able to start creating 70th birthday invitation by using occasionally picture taking. Place the celebrant photo hand and hand when these were young, even baby with current 70th years of age photograph. Now, give some lyrics that popular in their life, for example 50’s jazz lyrics or some special music in the invitation. Turning back again to the Oldies time is excellent invitation ideas. We are able to also use popular Marilyn Monroe design for the invitation. Black colored and white design with beauty of Marilyn Monroe. Another ideas is exhibiting the celebrant interest, design an invitation that indicate her personality. Let’s find out your favorite designs here.

We give you the best quality image in HD. Therefore, you won’t get any blurred images when printing it out. These invitation measures 5×7″. Then customize the file by adding photos or using fancy texts to write down the details. You can write using marker or pen since it is free for you to choose the kind of texts. However, if you have many invitation cards, this technique is not recommended. Nowadays, people like to use an editing software to customize a birthday invitation template. This template comes in pastel color.

Why do we call it as a free printable design? Because you may get it freely and customize by yourself. We provide a blank space in the center to be filled up with the party details such as the date, time and location. Add the RSVP number as the way for the guest to confirm their attendance. Below the invitation card, you may also write down the dress code for the guest. It will enliven the party.

Get your own template and customize it. Don’t forget to check the spelling and words in your invitation. More interesting it will be good!


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