Turning 30th is a phase when “wild and free” person turning into “real mature grown up”.  Maybe you want a big party for the transition or just to get friends together. Plan to create invitations that match the theme, because there are many types of invitations that you can use. Wording for your 30th birthday invitation isn’t that easy, although it should be generic, but you can also show your personality in your invitation. Use invitation that show your personality, with best theme for you.

This file has 5″ x 7″ in size and it fits to the invitation card. You will find a blank space to filled up with the party details. Write down the information such as the date, time and place. Use an editing software program to do the customization because it can save your time. It’s very easy to download the data file. Go through the image and choose Save Image As. Then, costumize it then print when you were done.

30th Birthday party don’t have to be expensive. You can create your cheap birthday party invitation using an online invitation template and send the invitation directly to your friends email. This is the simplest way to send and design your invitations. If you’re on Facebook, you can create an event and invite your friends. Don’t forget to give them your party information clearly, like date, time and location.


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